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SYNCRAPOND 5.0 Pond Pump with Fountain & Filter
SYNCRAPOND 5.0 Pond Pump with Fountain & Filter
SYNCRAPOND 5.0 Pond Pump with Fountain & Filter

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The SYNCRAPOND 5.0 Pond Pump with Fountain & Filter is a high performance filtration pump that improves water quality and also allows you to add the beauty of a water feature to your indoor or outdoor pond.

This pump packs a lot of power in its 10.4” x 4.7” x 4.7” size. Designed with a larger base for stability and a larger filter surface, this product is a smart purchase to help keep your pond water healthy and clear. To use, place the pump under water and pull the telescopic tube opening above water level. Water entering the filter undergoes a three-stage filtering process. First, the external grid filters out larger debris. As water flows through the pump, the 10ppi sponge provides biological filtration. From there, the water passes through an internal fine grid to filter out smaller particles.

A flow adjuster is included, and you can use jets to create different water fountains to beautify your space. Included fountain heads allow you to create the following patterns: large waterlily, large waterbell, petunia, iris, and three stages of the super single daisy. This model also offers a foam jet option. The SYNCRAPOND 5.0 can push water to a maximum height of 150”. If you are interested in creating a small stream or waterfall, the SYNCRAPOND 5.0 contains a diverter for use with flexible pipes (flexible pipes not included). There is also a t-valve included for an easy double regulation of the water flow.

The SYNCRAPOND 5.0 is a 105 watt pump that will filter 1321 gallons/hour.

SYNCRAPOND 5.0 Benefits:

  • Reliable
  • Smaller size
  • Koi friendly
  • Energy saving performance
  • Quiet technology
  • Ergonomic design

Add function and beauty to your inside or outside pond today with this small, high-performing pump.

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