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Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®, Risk-Free Guarantees

LiveAquaria offers you the best shopping experience possible for quality aquarium supplies AND the finest selection of freshwater and marine fish, corals, live rock and sand, invertebrates and live plants. . . all at great prices! Our team takes extraordinary measures to ensure your order receives the best possible care until it arrives safely to your home.

Aquatic Life Guarantees

When you order live fish or any aquatic life from LiveAquaria, your purchase is backed by our Live Arrival Guarantee, 7-Day Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®, Risk-Free Guarantee or an unprecedented 30-day guarantee for our Certified Captive Grown Corals! If you experience a loss within the guarantee timeframe of your purchase, please submit a claim via our Aquatic Life Guarantee Claim Form.
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7-Day Guarantee*

Fish, Plants, Corals, and Invertebrates

30-Day Guarantee

LiveAquaria® Certified Captive Grown Corals

Live Arrival Guarantee**

Expert Only Aquatic Life

Please Note

Please Note: Acclimation procedures must be followed for all new arrivals in order to be covered under our 7-Day “Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®” and 30-Day Guarantees.

**Please note: If your aquatic life does not arrive alive upon delivery, please submit a claim within the same day of delivery to qualify for your Live Arrival Guarantee.

*7-Day Guarantee does not include Expert Only aquatic life.

Revised December 11, 2020