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Cabomba (Cabomba caroliniana)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Moderate
Color Form Green
Water Conditions 72-82° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 1' 8"
Origin Farm Raised, USA
Family Cabombaceae
Lighting Moderate
Supplements CO2 Fertilization
Placement Background
Propagation Cuttings
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The Cabomba, also known as the Carolina Fanwort, has feathery green leaves, which are divided into narrow segments. It is a densely growing plant that makes for a wonderfull, natural looking background in a planted aquarium.

Cabomba does best when grown in neutral water under moderate lighting. Provide at least 2 watts per gallon of full spectrum (5000-7000K) lighting. Water temperature between 72°-82°F, an alkalinity of 3-8 dKH and a pH of 6.5-7.5 is ideal for proper growth. These plants do not tolerate frequent trimming and transplanting. Leaves dropping from the plant are usually a sign of poor water conditions or CO2 deficiency.

Propagate the Cabomba by trimming branches from the main plant, and relocating them in another part of the aquarium. It should be placed in the back or sides of your aquarium in groups for the best appearance. You can expect to receive 5 to 7 per Cabomba per bunch.

Approximate Shipping Size: 6" to 8"

Customer Testimonials

Michael G Mountain View , CA
Cabomb Caroliniana is a fast growing, but sometimes frustrating plant, if you have fish that might uproot it. After only a few weeks I had to trim mine as it had reached the surface of my 24" show tank. It tends to do better with brighter lights.
Ross J Houston , TX
The Cambomba is beautiful and perfect for a heavily planted aquarium; however, it is a frustrating plant and requires some extra time. The plant loves to "shed" the little "needles" and sometimes an entire small branch, all either clogging the filter intake or the filter. So, you must take extra time to be careful when vacuuming substrate, moving items in your aquarium or other maintenance. Also keep an extra eye on the filter intake for clogs. Is it worth the mess? Yes...compared to an artificial plant you can't top the look and atmosphere it creates for your fish and viewers alike.
Chris L Versailles , KY
A beautiful plant with a soft and feathery texture. If handled with care it won't fall apart on you! I recommend lighting specifically for plants, such as Coralife's Nutri Grow bulb. For OUSTANDING growth and color, implement CO2 in your tank during the daylight hours. (Even a DIY CO2 setup will do wonders!)
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