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LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock
LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock
LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock
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*Premium manufactured live rock featuring durable and lightweight construction with gorgeous realistic coloration
*Live rock alternative helps enhances aquarium water quality and aesthetics in your saltwater or marine reef setup
* Highly-porous live rock helps ensure optimized colonization of nitrifying bacteria essential to stable aquarium water parameters

Lay down the foundation for a beautiful and sustainable marine aquarium with our premium live rock alternative. In our effort to ensure the sustainable, long-term success of the marine aquarium hobby, LiveAquaria® is proud to introduce our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock, a beautiful and sensible alternative to harvested live rock. Our premium manufactured live rock eliminates the need to harvest live rock from our oceans without sacrificing the beneficial natural filtration and desirable aesthetics provided by "real" live rock marine aquarium hobbyists crave!

Our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock is specifically manufactured to optimize the colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria crucial for stable, pollutant-free aquarium water. Manufactured from a special blend of inert materials, our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock boasts an elaborate network of micropores that maximize habitat for beneficial bacteria while significantly reducing overall weight without compromising structural integrity. In other words, our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock is not only excellent at efficiently processing nitrogenous pollutants (including toxic ammonia and nitrite) but is also strong AND lightweight. The gorgeous layered coloration of our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock gives it a rich, textured appearance that instantly imparts a mature and established look to even newly set up marine aquariums.

LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock is perfect for use in both reef aquariums housing corals as well as fish-only marine tanks. Available in 15 and 30 pound boxes, our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock features a beautiful assortment of varied pieces resembling natural live rock including rounded and shelving pieces ranging between 6" and 16" in length. Quantity (i.e., number of pieces) will vary as this product is shipped based on weight. The recommended weight per gallon is between 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 lbs. For a creative custom aquarium landscape, it is acceptable and encouraged to alter the shape and size of our LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock with a hammer and chisel to suit your personal aquarium landscape requirements. This will not compromise the effectiveness or integrity of our manufactured live rock.

Upon receipt, we recommend placing your LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock in a curing bin filled with prepared saltwater prior to introduction into your main display aquarium. Measure water parameters in your curing bin and continue soaking ("curing") your LiveAquaria® Premium Dry Rock until the pH level consistently reads between 8.0 and 8.4 and ammonia and nitrite levels read 0.

Please Note: We do our best to ensure proper packaging to minimize any potential damage during transport. Please keep in mind that most damage caused during transport will NOT compromise the effectiveness or integrity of the product. Broken pieces can be reattached using aquarium adhesive or epoxy to create a custom reef aquarium landscape.

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