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Meet Our Aquatic Services Staff

You can rest assured that behind every LiveAquaria order, there is a team of aquatic specialists and experts in Rhinelander, Wisconsin whose first concern is the good health of your aquarium and the life within it. Our Aquatic Services staff receives continuing education in virtually all aspects of aquarium setup, equipment, maintenance, and care to help ensure your aquarium questions receive proper consideration, no matter how technical or species specific.

Kevin Kohen, BS
Kevin Kohen, BSLiveAquaria Director Kevin Kohen has extensive experience in the tropical fish industry, regarded by peers as being one of the leading industry authorities on marine fish husbandry, identification, handling, acclimation, and shipping. As a hobbyist/enthusiast, Kevin established his first aquarium when he was only six years old, which evolved to keeping more than 21 freshwater and marine aquariums by the age of 16. He launched his career working in a retail fish store for eight years before advancing to direct operations for over eight more at one of the Midwest's largest tropical fish wholesale and import/export businesses.

During that time, he gained considerable knowledge experimenting with various shipping techniques, medication protocols, and filtration technologies, striving to improve the well-being of aquarium animals while reducing mortality rates. For over 30 years, he has been a leading advocate for specialized shipping techniques that ensure the health of aquatic life during transit.

In 2004, Kevin proposed starting up an aquaculture coral facility at Drs. Foster and Smith's headquarters in Rhinelander, WI, designing and directing the initial construction of the Midwest's most state-of-the-art Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility, which opened in July of 2005. In 2007, he designed Phase II of the facility, which more than doubled the size to over 20,000 gallons, and then in 2016 oversaw Phase III, expanding the capacity to over 28,000 gallons. The facility consists of numerous coral raceways, quarantine & holding systems, and aquatic habitats to house a variety of freshwater fish, marine fish, corals, and invertebrates.

Kevin has bred and reared nearly 100 species of freshwater and saltwater fish and was one of the early pioneers in the U.S. to maintain live corals in captivity in the early 1980's. He has a special interest in Small Polyp Stony Corals (SPS), Non-Photosynthetic (NPS) corals, and filter-feeding invertebrates. He currently maintains a thriving Acropora-dominated SPS reef aquarium, a mixed reef aquarium, and also a mixed reef nano saltwater display in his office at the Drs. Foster and Smith headquarters.

Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University, and is a member of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA). He has contributed numerous articles for various aquarium publications and speaks at reef clubs and aquatic events throughout the country. In the fall of 2012, at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) Kevin received the 2012 MASNA Aquarist of the Year award for his outstanding contribution to the marine aquarium hobby.

Patrick Largey, BS
Patrick Largey LiveAquaria Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility Assistant Manager Patrick Largey brings with him over 16 years of professional aquatics experience. From a very young age, Patrick has kept hundreds of different species of ornamental freshwater, saltwater, reef, and pond aquatic life. Patrick’s career began at the age of 16 where he was responsible for maintaining large commercial aquatic systems and providing specialized customer service for one of the largest and most successful pet store chains. Securing the prestige of top ten sales performer repeatedly, Patrick advanced to take on mentorship responsibilities, traveling from store to store teaching best husbandry and animal care practices, habitat maintenance, and system operations.

Patrick joined the LiveAquaria Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility in 2016. Upon arrival, Patrick worked closely with the acclimation and husbandry team to ensure the highest level of animal care for each and every animal as they undergo the crucial conditioning process. Patrick focuses on frequent feedings, superior aquatic life nutrition, and optimized water parameters as key areas instrumental to successfully condition aquatic life and dramatically minimize potential loss.

In August of 2016, Patrick played a lead role in the highly successful launch of the LiveAquaria Freshwater Diver’s Den® WYSIWYG Store - an industry first showcasing a highly desirable selection of one-of-a-kind freshwater fish. The unprecedented success of the Freshwater Diver's Den WYSIWYG Store quickly prompted the need for expansion within roughly a year after its initial launch. Patrick specializes in aquatic life compatibility (freshwater and saltwater), species identification, disease and illness treatment, and environmental requirements. Patrick earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Worcester State University.

Steve Krogh
Steve Krogh LiveAquaria Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility Operations Manager Steve Krogh has an extensive background in aquarium keeping as a retailer, professional technician, and member of the Greater Minnesota Reef Society Duluth, Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society, and the Northern Wisconsin Reef Society. Steve has maintained a variety of freshwater aquariums since the age of 12, from goldfish to planted community aquariums, discus and a variety of African and South American cichlid biotopes. He has also maintained numerous marine FOWLR and marine reef aquariums for over 26 years, having propagated a diversity of corals, including soft, LPS, and SPS.

Steve oversees the day-to-day operations, including selection and merchandising, husbandry, and maintenance in our Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility, and facilitates the continuing education of customer service representatives and the technical support team. With expertise in system design, setup, and upkeep involving technical aspects such as reef lighting as well as husbandry techniques that ensure optimal care of aquatic life, Steve is an invaluable resource for our ever-expanding Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility. The growing selection of diverse, quality offerings in our Diver's Den® WYSIWYG store is a testament of Steve's passionate efforts.

Chris Mueller Chris Mueller
LiveAquaria® Associate Merchandising Manager and reef hobbyist Chris Mueller holds a degree in Accounting from Nicolet College. She has been a vital member of the LiveAquaria staff for over 18 years, beginning as an aquarium expert for Drs. Foster and Smith's call center, assisting customers with technical questions and order fulfillment. Chris keeps in close contact with all of the LiveAquaria vendors and is responsible for the logistics and coordination of all new livestock additions to the website. Chris is also responsible for helping attendees schedule tour times for the Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility Open House tours. Chris also oversees inventory of both livestock and all the supplies needed to maintain LiveAquaria's SigNature® Shipping System.

Kelvin Fujikawa, BA, MSE Kelvin Fujikawa, BA, MSE
Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aquatics Content Producer Kelvin Fujikawa has a lifetime of experience in tropical reef ecology and water gardening. Having maintained numerous aquarium setups at Drs. Foster and Smith - including FOWLR, Reef, African Cichlid, and Freshwater Planted systems - Kelvin has assisted customers both as a technical support agent and through the numerous articles he writes for the Aquarium and Pond catalogs. He holds degrees in English and Anthropology from Ripon College and a Masters of Science & Engineering in technical writing and translation from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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